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» Recommendations for writing your cover letter

  1. Find out the name of the manager in charge of the recruitment process and address the letter to it. If you are unsure, do not guess, directly lead it by Dear Manager (avoid the old and impersonal "To whom it may concern") In case of a spontaneous presentation, the more this is important. In general you should not send the letter to Human Resources, but to the person who is responsible for the area where you want to perform.
  2. Research the company, its mission, its position in the business and its corporate philosophy, to highlight those areas that match with your career aspirations.
  3. Study the job description and to specify what attributes of your qualifications make you the right person for it. Respond how you can be you the professional that will help the company achieve its goals.
  4. If you have no work experience, propose a creative idea you would be able to implement to add value to your performance.
  5. Specify your experience and the benefits you have made to previous or current employers.
  6. The format, the best classic and match with your resumé.
  7. No more than one page, be respectful of the time of your recruiter.

The first paragraph should indicate what position data is requested and where it was published. Also, mention the reference code and who recommended it. Also indicate why you are the right candidate for the job. "I have the necessary skills acquired in ten years as manager of management of a major international healthcare business and I have an extensive knowledge of networking technology through networks".

The body of your letter should include a description of your profile which raise interest and the most important reasons to be given an interview. Convey enthusiasm and optimism and avoid detailing negative experiences.

Last paragraph should appeal to the next action, so it is helpful to express your interest in having an interview and indicate that you will call to confirm the receipt of your resume and to discuss the possibility of meeting in person.

The dismissal must be written with a professional formula: "Receive a cordial greeting", "Sincerely" , "Yours sincerely" or "Respectfully yours"

» Recommendations for the preparation of the resumé.

The resume is a summary of professional history, and should be fully customized for each person.

Still much work can be solved with curriculum templates available at various web sites like Monster and others.

It is useful to use them, but only if they are a starting point, a guide, a memory aid. It is not useful to download a template, just change your personal and professional data and send the curriculum. That is a mistake, because every person should emphasize one or the other aspects of his career. Thus, someone who has managed to complete a specific career, should stand out from your work experience, especially if that experience is limited or scarce in relation to the position sought.

Therefore, we must not take these curriculum models as templates to copy and paste structure. Models then choose which one best suits your style and profile and modify it as needed to fit your case and highlight your best qualities.