1. Briefly describe the product  

 Biva is an App that allows patients and caregivers to register the information of the medical conditions and treatments they have. It sets reminders for each treatment that includes medications alerts, appointments and others to achieve a holistic treatment perspective. It focuses on the Patient-Caregiver relationship allowing them to share information, set alerts and symptoms/signs trackers to check adherence. Throughout strategic partners, there are integrated services as medication refills to ensure genuine medicines and appointments booking to improve healthcare efficiency and access.

  1. What need is being covered?

 The level of mortality and the economic and health impacts of Chronic Diseases caused by the non-adherence and the lack of self-care practices. Accordingly to 
the World Health Organization (WHO), chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in the world, representing 60% of all deaths.

3 . Who is the target audience who will meet their need, where is it?

Biva can be used by every person who wants take care of their health, it is really simple to use so its not problem how old people are. The target of Biva are patient who have more than one treatment and have chronic illness and also for patient who just have to be worried about exercises or health food.

4. What is the market opportunity?

The problem of non adherence has several causes, it can be for forgetfulness, and the difficulty of the treatment. Therefore, people who has more problems to  be adherent are they who have to take so many medicines and complexity of the treatment such as patient with a chronic diseases, which are long term illness. Those patient have to be on medical control.

 5. What do you think are the competitive advantages, differential of your proposal?

Our strategic opportunities are niches of customers mainly in Latam Region where there is no strong presence of competitors, and specialized customer groups mainly for chronic diseases in Latam and USA providing them with integrated services as medication Re-Fill, doctor’s appointment booking and access to insurance prevention programs. Biva focus on encourage self-care in a positive way to improve it and make it sustainable over time. Not only in medicines control.

6. How is your business model?

 Biva focus on 2 kinds of users: Patients and Caregivers. For patients the App is free and for caregivers we o er a pay edition that allows them to have two or more patients monitoring and detailed informations about patients information, adherence behaviour and trackers data. With the medical integrated services, there is a commision fee associated with each transaction made from the App either if it is a medication re ll or a medical appointment booking. An additional model could apply to o ering Biva to healthcare companies for health prevention and promotion programs.

7. How is your team composed?

 – Jaime Correa: Full time. CEO and CTO, he is in charge of development team and product strategy.

– Felipe Bedoya: Part time. CFO, he is in charge of corporate nance and funding strategy.

– Gabriel Gómez: Part time. CMO, he is in charge of marketing strategy and relationships with healthcare companies.

– Ana María Álzate Gómez: Ful time, she is communication director. She is a professional communicator and journalist, she is in charge of the public 
relationship strategy and the content development, the 2 main approaches in the B2C market to accomplish acquisition and retentions goals.

8. Thinking about product development and the commercial level, what is the strategy for the next three years?


 We expect to achieve 2 goals:

  1. B2B: To enter to the corporate healthcare industry as providers and partners of the health insurers for the health prevention and control programs.
  2. B2C: To achieve an improvement in adherence of 75% to 80% in the users of Biva (from the average of 50% worldwide), and to increase the access to medical services and treatments through the App, becoming a real solution for our patients and caregivers to improve health care duties and wellness.