. Briefly describe the product.

Clingot is a new medical app, which comes to revolutionize the health system in Argentina. Having all your studies, images and medical indications in one place now, is possible. Clingot helps you create your medical history and you can share it with your trusted doctors. You will be able to search the country’s largest directory and find the best professionals, medical centers and pharmacies and choose them for their reputation and closeness. The app also offers you the option to create and manage the profile of your dependents and control the health of them. With Clingot take your emergency information and feel secure anywhere in the world.

. What need is being covered?

Today most people have their medical data scattered, filed and can not find them when you need them in the face of a routine checkup or emergency situation.

Clingot offers a tool for patients, as well as for health professionals and medical centers, which will allow them to gather, group and concentrate all medical information in one place and access it from anywhere in the world

. Who is the target audience who will meet their need, where is it?

Our target audience includes all those people who, first of all, have an interest in their health and have control of it. With respect to accessibility, it should be noted that it is offered free of charge for patients, professionals and medical centers, and can be obtained by downloading it from the Apple Store or Playstore, or can be used from any desktop computer by entering At www.clingot.com.

. What is the market opportunity?

The market opportunity underlies the importance that people give to the fact of having a medical tool in which they can dump, and build their clinical history through studies, images and medical indications as well as personal annotations, and visualize them Or share them when you need it most and with the professionals who want to do it.

. What do you think are the competitive advantages, differential of your proposal ?.

In the market and in the times in which we live, there are several very innovative applications both medical and general indole indole. As far as the health sector is concerned, we are the only ones that offer in a single platform functionalities that range from having your emergency information, until you can see the pharmacies closest to your location.

. How is your business model?

Clingot is a tool that was created to offer to patients, slaughter professionals and medical centers, with the support of the latest technologies, a space where they can store and feedback personal health data and visualize them and share them with the agents Of the health. Of this main functionality are derived accessories that make the distinction of the app in front of the rest of the existing ones.

. How is your team composed?

Our team is conformed by Diego Cabrosi, Jesica Donio, Luis Gratch, along with 10 people involved in the Marketing, Programming, Legal and Finance area.

. Thinking about product development and the commercial level, what is the strategy for the next three years?

Expand and disseminate Clingot in the rest of the countries, understanding the needs and shortcomings of the health system of each one, to offer a 360 ° service that far surpasses the expectations of the participants of the sector.