The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), Health 2.0  and the accelerator Blueprint Health have launched the third edition of a the program PILOT Health Tech NYC. The initiative provides complementary funds to contribute to pilot eHealth projects that take place in the city of New York.

Those wishing to enter the competition to receive financing must form a matchmade partnerhsip between a Host (purchasing company or healthcare organization) and Innovator (vendor-startup developer).

The initiatives can be entered in three categories:

  • Complex systems; major configuration by the host, implementation of personalized hardware at a large scale, extensive integration of systems and direct support for the patient. The winning project will receive 100 thousand dollars.
  • Scalable solutions; moderately complex configuration by the host and moderate integration of systems. Seven winning projects will receive 50 thousand dollars each.
  • Turnkey projects; minimal configuration by the host, development of a native mobile application and implementation of pre-existing hardware. Two winning projects will receive 25 thousand dollars each.

The jury, made up of a panel of experts, will take into account six aspects during their evaluation:

  1. Proposal and design of the pilot (25%): general quality of the project, viability, profitability, sustainability, potential for success and ability to scale for a larger population in the long term.
  2. Potential of the Innovator’s product (20%): innovation capacity of the technology and capacity and potential for commercial success.
  3. Strength of match/partnership (10%): how well the Host and Innovator complement each other.
  4. Scale and budget of the pilot (10%): effectiveness, integrity and realism of the budget.
  5. Potential of healthcare impact (10%): impact potential on critical healthcare needs.
  6. Potential for impact on New York (25% evaluated by the NYCCEDC): potential for impact on the creation of jobs in the healthcare sector in New York.

The Inscription Form for the competition will be available until December 18, 2015.