HL7 Certification Exams

The pre-certification courses for V.2.7 and CDA will be offered each day exclusively to those attending in person. They will be held simultaneously with other activities and will be free with advance registration by emailing info@hl7.org.ar, Ref: V2.7 / CDA Course


– Wednesday 28th  09:00 – 12:30: V2.7 Pre-certification Course : Aula 25, Potosí 4234, 2do. piso.

–  Thursday 29  09:00 – 12:30 : CDA Pre-certification Course: Aula 25, Potosí 4234, 2do. piso.

Those who wish to be certified must take the exam in person and pay a fee. Prior registration is required, send your Name and Surname / Company and Country of Residence by email to info@hl7.org.ar

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