The Clinic of Asunción in Tolosa, the company Bilbomática and the technology center VICOMTECH-IK4 have developed an application that makes it possible to use mobile devices to monitor the health of patients at home.

Hygehos Home makes it possible to gather information about diseases, continually monitor vital signs and also monitor the medications administered. This data will then be used by the doctor to update each patient’s health record.

In fact, in addition to reducing patient movements and improving health monitoring, the application can operate with other systems as it uses international standards.

The Clinic of Asunción has an entirely integrated hospital information system: doctors receive updates on all their patients and can then act without ever leaving the health record environment.

Currently, Hygehos Home is undergoing clinical evaluation at the Tolosa clinic with a pilot program for 12 patients with chronic patients. The objective of this experience is to extract information from the system to then implement it, by the end of the year, for all the specialties at the healthcare center.

Source: Clínica de la Asunción