The Municipality of General Pueyrredón in the Province of Buenos Aires, is in the process of informatizing the health records in its public health network so that 33 municipal healthcare centers and the Center of Medical Outpatient Specialties (CEMA) are connected.

The initiative will make it possible to visualize, from any point of the network, tests, studies and patient health records. “This is a project that we have been investing in for 4 years and is now a reality,” noted Alejandro Cristaldi, the Health Secretary. He added: “Now our residents can have access to the information as quickly as possible: residents of the Centenario neighborhood – for example – won’t have to go to CEMA to draw blood or get their results, because the blood will be drawn locally and processed at CEMA, and the information will do the travelling.”  

The informatization has already been implemented at the Health Center at the Centenario Complex; and, gradually, the project will seek to incorporate the other centers in the public health network of the Municipality of General Pueyrredón.  

Source: Gobierno de Mar del Plata