At the Hospital de Alta Complejidad Virgen de la Puerta, located in the Peruvian town of La Libertad, a surgical operation was performed for the first time with assistance by teleconference.

The operation was on a cleft lip and was performed by professionals from the Seguro Social de Salud (EsSalud) on a three year old boy. The surgeons, Soraya López and Paul Vásquez, were remotely directed by Doctor Raj Vyas, an American specialist at the Global Smile Foundation based in California.

The telemedicine team, which worked with augmented reality technology, made it possible to transmit real time images of the patient. Doctor Vyas was thus able to issue almost immediate directions and so support the surgical procedure.

EsSalud said that the technology would help with the tele-training of doctors to strengthen their knowledge and surgical techniques.


Source: Seguro Social de Salud