. Briefly describe the product 

Nimbo X helps primary care providers have a better control of their patient’s information and their operation through an easy to use digital patient management system.

. What need is being covered?

Electronic Health Records and practice management system have been around for a while. It’s clear that physicians need them and the healthcare system needs them. But most options are still from a pre-consumerized technology era and are not powered by tools like machine learning to make their life easier and not just a place to dump patient data.

Most EHRs are just data input systems that make physicians feel like they’re working for the EHR and not the other way around. We’re changing that.

We believe that in the future, the best physicians will be those that have an AI assistant that can help them with their everyday tasks, both clinical and administrative.

Physicians currently use human assistants, paper records, or other electronic health records that only work as databases for their patient’s records. We want Nimbo X to substitute all of that.

We want Nimbo X to become that AI assistant that helps physicians give a better care to their patients.

. Who is the target audience who will meet their need, where is it?

We are focusing on the new wave of physicians and clinics. Primary care providers. We are in 20 countries.

. What is the market opportunity? What do you think are the competitive advantages, differential of your proposal? How is your business model? 

We want to make healthcare more efficient and affordable.  We help physicians with an internet connection treat their patients wherever they may be with the assistance of an easy to use, affordable and powerful application. 

We market Nimbo X with a freemium model because we believe this type of technology should be available to any physician.
In addition we are able to analyze, predict and suggest medical diagnoses and treatments to facilitate the physician-patient interaction during consultations.
We are focused mainly in emerging markets, and believe that any physician should have access to a world class solution.

. How is your team composed?

Nimbo X was founded by brothers Jorge and Rodrigo Camargo in late 2014, and the team has grown to 12 people.

Jorge is the founder of Nimbo X, Ecaresoft Inc and El Cowork. With a passion for tech and innovation, he has worked in Health IT for over 9 years, developing products aiming at democratizing digital health solutions.

Rodrigo Camargo loves building great products that get the job done. At Nimbo X, Rodrigo is in charge of working with marketing, sales, customers success and development to create a product users love. Rodrigo has lead the team to convert Nimbo X’s strategy and vision into a high growth company.

Benjamin Orozco is the CTO for Nimbo X. Ben is not only an MBA but a software engineer as well. He has more than 8 years of experience working on full stack applications, and is passionate about implementing bleeding edge technologies. When he is not working on Nimbo X, you can find Ben contributing his time to open source projects.

Jose Sainz is in charge of Marketing for Nimbo X, before joining Nimbo X he was the founder of Printoo and the Marketing and Franchise director at Farmacias del Ahorro, on of Latin America’s largest pharmaceutical retail companies. Jose allows Nimbo X to market itself as a consumer app in a traditionally enterprise market.

. Thinking about product development and the commercial level, what is the strategy for the next three years? 

Our strategy is focused on the exploitation of data for the benefit of the physician. Make the medical consultation smarter and predictive. In addition to linking patient-physician communication efforts with awesome features