The mobile health program Prospera Digital run by the Specialized Primary Healthcare Center  (CEAPS) of the Instituto de Salud del Estado de México (ISEM), in the municipality of Teotihuacán has started operations. The first pre-pilot test has been carried out at this establishment, and it will also be implemented at four other municipalities.

The objective of Prospera Digital is to provide relevant information about maternal and infant health to pregnant women and those with newborn babies via mobile technologies. To do this, the RapidSMS platform will be used. This is an automatic communication channel via which users will be able to send and receive personalized text messages for free.

The governmental initiative will help seven million women who from now on will receive health tips, information about care and reminders of appointments and medications on their cellphones. The idea is to include the greatest number of mothers possible, so those with cellphones will receive training and those without a mobile device.

To test the protocols and training, incorporation and use mechanisms, the pre-pilot program included 150 women who sent more than ten thousand messages between them. The result? Ten emergency cases were detected.

The next step is to extend the program throughout the country and have it used at the 98 ISEM medical units.

INFO: The project was presented by the national coordinator Paula Hernández Olmos at the Global Summit of the Alliance for Open Government in México, during the panel “Civic Technology: new tools for democracy.”